Case Studies

Insulated Duct Systems for Apartments

Fort Industry Square - Ohio

Fort Industry Square is a new development that began in 2021 located in a historic downtown Toledo area overlooking the Maumee River. This location provides ample commercial and dining storefront opportunities paired with 85 refurbished living spaces. Fort Industry Square has become the newest location in the continued revitalization of downtown Toledo, Ohio.

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Insulated Ductwork

Industrial Facility - Pennysylvania

The use of Kingspan KoolDuct eliminated the need for an insulator and allowed Sun to reduce the amount of installers and labor required in the field. KoolDuct's 2-in-1 duct system provided an R-6 pre-insulated value paired with its lightweight nature reducing duct weight on the project by up to 70%. With 13 foot sections and fewer hangers, Kingspan's pre-insulated phenolic system really kept the project moving!

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Hospital Using KoolDuct

Encompass Health - Ohio

Built during early months of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Encompass Health’s Rehabilitation Hospital of Toledo utilized 56,000 square feet of Kingspan KoolDuct. The smooth aluminum interior surface of KoolDuct allowed for the hospital to have an R-6 insulated duct system free of loose fibers that could enter the airstream.

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Phenolic Ductwork

Motorola Facility - Illinois

In one of their early applications fabricating KoolDuct, Sheet Metal Werks, provided this phenolic system to their customer for a massive reduction in weight and overall building loads on the project.

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Kingspan KoolDuct Applications

City Park BG - Ohio

The 2019 upgraded City Park Building in Bowling Green, Ohio installed an energy efficient Kingspan KoolDuct system during their new construction. This application contains over 6000 square feet of KoolDuct pre-insulated ductwork.

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Preinsulated Ductwork System

Assisted Living Facility - Michigan

With multiple layers of duct running through hallways, this assisted living facility chose Kingspan KoolDuct to provide a fully insulated duct system with minimal space needed.

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Painted Installed KoolDuct

Retail Location - Ohio

When discussions began about moving into their new location a local phenolic duct fabricator, Commercial Comfort Systems, offered a paintable pre-insulated solution with Kingspan KoolDuct.

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Tony Pacos Restuarant Perrysburg - Ohio

When this Toledo landmark restaurant was expanding into Perrysburg, Ohio KoolDuct was the solution of choice for part of their kitchen HVAC. The new Tony Paco’s location is using Kingspan KoolDuct as the fresh air supply for their two kitchen hoods.

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Insulated Non Metal Duct Installation

Holiday Inn Express - Ohio

This Holiday Inn Express location in Perrysburg, Ohio has utilized Kingspan KoolDuct to supply the building’s HVAC needs. Employing 4 floors of R-6 KoolDuct throughout the hotel’s rooms, lobby, dining area, laundry facility and pool reduced the carbon footprint of their duct system. In addition to the higher R-values and lower air leakage provided, the space saving nature of KoolDuct allowed the owners to have the ceiling height they wanted without compromising the airflow needs of the application.

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