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A High Efficiency Alternative to Metal Ductwork

Delta Air Systems is the Kingspan KoolDuct Distribution Partner for the Midwestern United States. With over 15 years of experience with the Kingspan KoolDuct System, Delta Air Systems can provide the training and knowledge required to bring this innovative system to your shop! By using KoolDuct in your applications, you’ll provide a low air leakage, lightweight and space-saving alternative to traditional wrapped metal. Don’t pay someone to insulate your ductwork…start with a pre-insulated solution to save you valuable installation time!

SMACNA Compliant HVAC Ductwork - Phenolic Duct Construction

Kingspan KoolDuct is designed to meet the SMACNA Phenolic Duct Construction Standards. These guidelines are the starting point for every KoolDuct application. Published in 2015, this manual contains fabrication and installation methods for the growing phenolic ductwork industry!


Installation Savings with the Kingspan KoolDuct System


Kingspan KoolDuct can weigh up to 72% less than Traditional Metal. Your team in the field will be able to install more ductwork with fewer hands!

Efficient Installation

Kingspan KoolDuct can be fabricated in sections up to 13 feet and require fewer hangers than traditional metal ductwork. This alone can offer significant savings over the course of an application.


With Kingspan KoolDuct, there’s no need to insulate your ductwork after. Our rigid insulated panels come at a minimum R6 insulated value! Because of this, duct can be installed flush to the ceiling.

No Duct Sealing

KoolDuct’s installation process provides some of the lowest air leakage rates in the industry. An low leakage design means you won’t need to be sealing your ductwork after it is hung.

Kingspan KoolDuct Can Be Used In Many Applications That Require Insulated Ductwork

Preinsulated Ductwork
KoolDuct in the shop
KoolDuct University Ductwork
R8.1 Insulated Ductwork
KoolDuct Attic Ductwork
Pre-Insulated Ductwork KoolDuct

Kingspan KoolDuct Pre-Insulated Ductwork

Join our Growing Fabrication Team

The Kingspan KoolDuct system is a pre-insulated, high efficiency air duct system suitable for a variety of air distribution applications.

It offers advantages over sheet metal ductwork, being lightweight, needing shorter installation time, having virtually no air leakage and offering high R-Values. This system is changing the HVAC industry.

Learn how bringing Kingspan KoolDuct into your shop can give your shop a competitive edge! Delta Air Systems has helped many companies in complimenting their metal fabrication with Kingspan KoolDuct.

Featured Project

New Hospital Construction in Toledo, Ohio. This healthcare facility chose Kingspan KoolDuct for its smooth aluminum interior, free of loose fibers, as well as the energy efficient low air leakage rates. 56,000 square feet of R6 KoolDuct will be installed in the three wings of this hospital.

Toledo Ohio Insulated Duct

Kingspan KoolDuct Hospital Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct interior ductwork

Hospital Phenolic Ductwork KoolDuct

Preinsulated Healthcare Ductwork

Interior KoolDuct Healthcare Ductwork