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Kingspan Koolduct - Premium Performance Pre-Insulated Ductwork 

The Kingspan KoolDuct System is an advanced and innovative pre-insulated HVAC Duct system. This low carbon alternative to metal duct incorporates the duct and insulation into an all-in-one air distribution product that offers many advantages and eliminates virtually all headaches associated with galvanized sheet metal, fiberglass duct board and pre-insulated rigid polyiso. Kingspan KoolDuct can be used in many applications that require insulated ductwork.

How You Can Find Savings With the Kingspan KoolDuct System

KoolDuct is available in R-6, R-8.1 and R-12 panel thicknesses to be used as a full 2-in-1 duct system or as a metal duct liner for both interior and exterior applications. Building owners, fabrication shops and installers all can find savings and benefits from using a pre-insulated KoolDuct system.


Kingspan KoolDuct can weigh up to 72% less than Traditional Metal. Your team in the field will be able to install more ductwork with fewer hands!

Efficient Installation

Kingspan KoolDuct can be fabricated in sections up to 13 feet and require fewer hangers than traditional metal ductwork. This alone can offer significant savings over the course of an application.


With Kingspan KoolDuct, there’s no need to insulate your ductwork after. Our rigid insulated panels come at a minimum R6 insulated value! Because of this, duct can be installed flush to the ceiling.

No Duct Sealing

KoolDuct’s installation process provides some of the lowest air leakage rates in the industry. An low leakage design means you won’t need to be sealing your ductwork after it is hung.

Prefab KoolDuct Assembly - Preinsulated Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct Fabrication

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We help contractors around the country find where KoolDuct can make sense for their shop. Whether you have a coil line and are looking for a new way to insulate your ductwork or if you are just looking to separate yourself from the competition, the Kingspan KoolDuct system will help you stand out from the rest by offering high efficiency systems suitable for a variety of air distribution applications.

It offers advantages being lightweight, needing shorter installation time, having virtually no air leakage and offering high R-Values. This system is changing the HVAC industry.

Learn how bringing Kingspan KoolDuct into your shop can give your shop a competitive edge! Delta Air Systems has helped many companies in complimenting their metal fabrication with Kingspan KoolDuct.

Featured Projects

New Industrial Facility - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sun Mechanical and KoolDuct fabrication partner, Sheet Metal Werks, employed a phenolic system project to find installation savings on the project. Kingspan KoolDuct eliminated the need for an insulator and allowed Sun to reduce the amount of labor in the field. KoolDuct's 2-in-1 duct system provided an R-6 pre-insulated value and lightweight nature reducing duct weight by up to 70%. With 13 foot sections and fewer hangers, Kingspan's phenolic system really kept the project moving!

Watch the video to learn more!

Hospital Facility - Toledo, Ohio

This healthcare facility chose Kingspan KoolDuct for its smooth aluminum interior, free of loose fibers, as well as the energy efficient low air leakage rates. 56,000 square feet of R6 KoolDuct will be installed in the three wings of this hospital.

Insulated Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct Hospital Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct interior ductwork

Hospital Phenolic Ductwork KoolDuct

Preinsulated Healthcare Ductwork

Interior KoolDuct Healthcare Ductwork


A High Efficiency Alternative to Metal Ductwork

Delta Air Systems is the Kingspan KoolDuct Distribution Partner for the Midwestern United States. With over 18 years of experience with the Kingspan KoolDuct System, Delta Air Systems can provide the training and knowledge required to bring this innovative system to your shop! By using KoolDuct in your applications, you’ll provide a low air leakage, lightweight and space-saving alternative to traditional wrapped metal. Don’t pay someone to insulate your ductwork…start with a pre-insulated solution to save you valuable installation time!