Insulated Sheet Metal Duct Liner with KoolDuct

Kingspan KoolDuct as a Liner

1) CUT

Cut to Size with Common Shop or Jobsite Tools, Such as a Table Saw.

Rigid Phenolic HVAC Liner


Apply KoolDuct Liner to Metal Ductwork by Kingspan's Lining Guidelines. No adhesives Necessary!

Line Your Duct with KoolDuct


Install Insulation Retention Clips by Kingspan Guidelines and Finish Corners with Kingspan Sealant and Apply UL 181 Approved Tape

Kingspan KoolDuct Non-Fibrous Duct Liner

Kingspan KoolDuct fiber-free, rigid phenolic insulation panels are now available for use as an interior duct liner for HVAC applications. This newly developed, patent-pending method of construction allows for the same panels used in Kingpsan's UL 181 listed system to now be applied to sheet metal ductwork for a fiber free lined duct that does not require adhesives. KoolDuct liner performs better than an insulated duct that uses traditional limp, non-structural insulation that requires glue and pins to keep it in place.

Using KoolDuct to line your metal ductwork will contribute to the strength and performance of your duct by increasing R-values and lowering air leakage. Even more important in today's IAQ goals...KoolDuct applied as a liner resists accumulation that can lead to mold growth in ductwork insulation.

Benefits of Lining Your Ductwork with KoolDuct

With a KoolDuct Liner You Can Expect:

  • High R-Values
  • Superior Fire and Smoke Performance
  • Lowers Air Leakage
  • No Adhesives or Pin Fasteners Required
  • Lightweight Foam Insulation That Is Easy to Install
  • Low VOC and High IAQ
  • NFPA 90a Compliant
  • ASTM E84 25/50 Compliant
  • Space Saving - Reach an R6 Insulated Value with a 7/8" KoolDuct Panel
  • Smooth Interior Surface - Up to 7x smoother than Traditional Fibrous Liners
  • Closed Cell Insulation with Clean Aluminum Surface
  • Low to High Pressure - 0.5" to 10" W.C.
Kingspan KoolDuct R6, R8 and R12 Insulation

High R-value Per Inch of Insulation - A true alternative to fiberglass & Elastomeric insulations

Kingspan KoolDuct has a high resistance to thermal transfer and can provide high R-values with minimal space requirements inside of the duct. Reach an insulated value of R-12 value with 1 3/4" panel!

Fiber Free Insulation for Ductwork

Kingspan KoolDuct Phenolic Duct Liner

Easily Applied in both the Shop or The Field

The rigidity of the KoolDuct phenolic panel allows for easy installation and a tight fit at corners where non-rigid products risk being overstretched and compressed. KoolDuct can be installed into your pre-fab ductwork before it leaves your shop or easily applied in the field with limited tools required. Limited fabrication investment is necessary and you can begin cutting most applications with simply a table saw. KoolDuct is available in 4’ x 13’ panels in a variety of thicknesses that supply different R-values between R-6 and R12.

Kingspan’s installation guidelines are easy to follow for a smooth process that will greatly increase your ductwork’s efficiency.

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Use KoolDuct to Insulate Your Ductwork

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