KoolDuct Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Kingspan KoolDuct?

Kingspan KoolDuct is an advanced phenolic duct system. Because it is pre-insulated, once installed, there is no need for additional insulation wrap. KoolDuct uses closed cell phenolic foam to deliver high R-values and Low Air Leakage in a thin, yet robust panel.

Where is KoolDuct a Used?

KoolDuct's non-fibrous pre-insulated duct used in a variety of applications across the country including commercial, industrial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, high humidity applications and food industry installations.

Is it spelled CoolDuct or KoolDuct?

While often searched online as Cool Duct to those new to the product, KoolDuct is spelled with a K.

Why should I use KoolDuct over traditional Sheet Metal Ductwork?

In addition to high R-values, Kingspan Kool Duct can reduce air-leakage rates to a fraction of that of traditional sheet metal duct, providing exceptional energy savings. It also is a very lightweight system that can reduce installation times and potentially offer benefits for seismic and building load considerations.

What insulation R value can Kingspan KoolDuct reach?

Koolduct is available in thicknesses that supply R-6, R-8.1 and R-12 insulation value.

How are Kool Duct installations different than traditional sheet metal?

KoolDuct has a fiber free insulation core for increased indoor air quality. Air passes through a smooth aluminum interior, free from fibers that are found in duct liner. Ductwork can also be installed flush to ceiling, saving your customer much needed space.

What is the interior KoolDuct liner?

The interior lining of Kingspan KoolDuct is a smooth aluminum surface. For healthcare and food grade facilities, KoolDuct is an excellent alternative to lined metal that provides the required R-value without any fibers that could enter the airstream.

Where can I buy Kingspan Kool Duct?

We are the Midwest Distribution Partner for Kingspan KoolDuct. If you would like to fabricate KoolDuct at your company, please Contact Us and we can provide you with more information.

If you are looking for a KoolDuct Fabricator in your area, visit our Fabricator Page for more information.

Will KoolDuct meet SMACNA construction standards?

Yes. SMACNA has recently published the Phenolic Duct Construction Standards which includes ductwork such as that found in Kingspan KoolDuct. These duct construction and installation standards will be internationally recognized by the leading authority in HVAC construction.

Will KoolDuct produce smoke?

Kingspan KoolDuct is a certified UL 181 product for its excellent fire and smoke rating and easily meets the requirements of ASTM E84 and UL723 25/50 flame and smoke spread ratings.

Can Kingspan KoolDuct be painted?

Yes, Kingspan KoolDuct is paintable. Best results are with water based acrylic paints that can adhere to an aluminum surface.

What Static Pressures Can KoolDuct Handle?

KoolDuct is designed for Positive 4 in. w.g. and Negative 3 in. w.g.

Is KoolDuct a Phenolic Board?

Yes…with its proprietary closed cell, non-ozone depleting blowing agent, Kingspan KoolDuct is a premium phenolic board that meets the requirements of a Class 1 UL181 listed ducting system.

How do I get trained to install Kingspan KoolDuct?

You can be trained to install Kingspan KoolDuct from Delta Air Systems, a local fabricator or the Sheet Metal Workers ITI Training centers. For more information call 855-KOOLDUC.

Installations should be done by Kingspan and SMACNA installation standards.

What type of foam is Kool Duct using?

Kingspan KoolDuct is certified to be greater than 90% closed cell content. This means a low potential for water intrusion, exceptional mold resistance and the highest R-value per inch of thickness.

What is the sound attenuation of KoolDuct?

Kingspan KoolDuct is a very quiet way to convey air. While it doesn't present any "open cell fibers" to absorb noise…it does not have any inherent break out noise that is often confused with "the HVAC equipment operation". Kingspan KoolDuct is a thick resin that does not have the propensity to resonate or transmit sounds and as such is a quiet high performance air distribution system.

Can KoolDuct be used in industrial, residential and commercial applications?

KoolDuct can be used in all applications where traditional sheet metal ductwork is used. KoolDuct is a no fiber insulation pro duct offering excellent IAQ and energy saving benefits to the residential markets. This medium pressure ducting system is excellent for commercial applications and ideal for industrial applications because of its closed cell, smooth aluminum surface.

Who do I contact to have KoolDuct specified for my project?

Please email us for a specifying engineer in your area that can assist you on your next project. For a copy of the guide specifications, please contact us.

Is KoolDuct an alternative for, fiberglass board, fiberglass insulation, galvanized metal, armaflex or armacell?

Yes. As a pre-insulated system, KoolDuct offers many advantages over many competitive products. Higher R-values, Lower air leakage, stronger structure, less weight, and fiber free insulation benefit many applications who traditionally use other duct products.