KoolDuct Non Fibrous Liner

UL Listed Non-Fibrous Duct Liner

Kingspan KoolDuct UL 181 listed phenolic panels are now available for use as an interior duct liner for HVAC applications. Our newly developed patent-pending method of construction allows for a UL listed, fiber free lined duct that does not require adhesives. With high insulated value and decreased air leakage, ductwork constructed with a KoolDuct liner performs better than an insulated duct without.

  • R6, R8 or R12 Insulated Values
  • Superior Fire and Smoke Performance
  • Lowers Air Leakage
  • No Adhesives Required
  • Lightweight Foam Insulation That Is Easy to Install

Shop or Field Application

KoolDuct can be installed into your pre-fab ductwork before it leaves your shop or easily applied in the field with limited tools required.

Kingspan’s installation guidelines are easy to follow for a smooth process that will greatly increase your ductwork’s efficiency.

Use KoolDuct to Insulate Your Ductwork

KoolDuct is available in 4’ x 13’ panels in a variety of thicknesses that supply different R-values between R-6 and R12.

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