Case Study: Bausch and Lomb

Location: Livingston, UK

Building Use: Industrial

Project Type: New Build

Stringent demands for hygiene and safety made revolutionary Kingspan Koolduct pre-insulated ducting the natural choice for a major project to install air conditioning throughout the Livingston production plant of Bausch and Lomb, a leading manufacturer of contact lenses.

The key consideration for everyone involved in the contract was the need to ensure the complete protection of the 'clean room' environment by preventing any contamination while the work progressed in this highly sensitive area.

These exacting standards were met by Kingspan Koolduct because the composition of the ducting system means that air flows only across aluminium and has no contact with material containing loose fibres. The system is completely fibre-free - a feature which makes the product especially suitable for high specification 'clean room' environments such as food production areas, pharmaceutical facilities and hospitals.

In order to avoid disruption to the production process, Brankin Engineering of Broxburn, West Lothian (Specialist Manufacturers & Installers) manufactured the system off site during the normal working week. They carried out the installation of approximately 1,500 square metres of Kingspan Koolduct in a number of different configurations over five weekends, vacating the premises in time for production to re-commence at 10pm on each of the Sunday evenings.

With most of the ducting system suspended above production areas containing sophisticated, costly and often delicate contact lens manufacturing equipment, the lightweight property of Kingspan Koolduct which makes it easy to handle was also a distinct advantage in this situation.

Campbell Kelly, of EDP Consulting Engineers, who specified Kingspan Koolduct for this project, said: "The complete absence of fibres which is achieved by the Kingspan Koolduct system made it the most effective ducting solution for this kind of clean room operation.

"The lightweight property of Kingspan Koolduct was also an important safety factor, as it made it manoeuvrable and easy for overhead working and so helped to prevent any damage to sensitive equipment positioned on the work benches below while the ducting was being installed."